Dr. Alexa Faraday, M.D. - Baltimore, MD Concierge Doctor

Alexa Faraday, M.D.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Faraday has been my doctor for over 14 years, during which her care has been exemplary. She takes ample time on an ongoing basis during office visits to know me and my personal interests thoroughly. The discussions we have in her office, via phone and email are wide ranging and highly engaging. As a result, she provides me with truly insightful and effective medical care consistent with my goals and values. When necessary, she has coordinated care with specialists and other health professionals (a nutritionist, for example) with whom I have been most pleased. Dr. Faraday’s telephone calls to me, with results from the specialists and labs, often come before I get the results from the specialist/lab directly. Our conversation is comforting and reassuring, as I know her explanations consider my whole medical picture. The trust I have in Dr. Faraday contributes enormously to my overall wellbeing."

"Dr. Alexa Faraday has been my internist since 2003. I have appreciated her competence and consistent emotional support. Dr. Faraday has excellent communication skills. I have found that she listens to what you are saying and picks up on what you may not be saying. She has provided excellent advice and care; she is a knowledgeable and compassionate physician with a generous and effective sense of humor. I know that she is an important factor in my well-being.

On a recent Sunday, I had some relentless coughing spells. I called Dr. Faraday for help at 4:30 pm; she responded in minutes. Joining Dr. Faraday’s concierge practice has been an opportunity to give myself an invaluable gift."

"Dr. Faraday is a compassionate, attentive, thorough, and exceedingly competent physician who has been caring for our family since our kids were in their late teens. We credit her insight and doggedness for the successful diagnosis and treatment of a very difficult and serious illness our daughter suffered in her final year of college, and for keeping all of us healthy over the long haul. She’s TERRIFIC!"

"Dr. Alexa Faraday has been my doctor for 12 years, and I have been extremely happy with her competency, compassion, caring, and commitment to me as a patient. She is very attentive to the needs of me as well as the interconnectedness of the needs and demands I may assume in taking care of my family. In other words, she is very much focused on the total well-being of her patients. She has been, very much, my medical advocate when it comes to assistance with my medical concerns as well as assisting me with my concerns for other family members. I feel her approach is truly different from the vast majority of doctors who can get caught up in the medical/insurance system which distracts from their face time with patients as well as the thoroughness of their medical assessments and solutions to improve the quality of life of their patients. Her passion for the practice of medicine and care for humanity is very obvious when you first meet her. She is also a great communicator and answers questions in understandable terms. I would encourage anyone who is contemplating making a change in their medical care to meet Dr. Faraday and experience how unique her level of care is. Her staff is also fantastic and very caring!

On a very personal note, Dr. Faraday stepped in to care for what turned out to be my terminally ill mother. My mother’s doctors were not able to accurately assess the status of her health in a timely manner, which resulted in pain and suffering that she should not have experienced. Dr. Faraday was able to quickly diagnose what was wrong and connect my mother with a specialist who was able to, along with Dr. Faraday, help extend her life and make her more comfortable. Dr. Faraday also made house visits when my mother was unable to make it to her office for care. Additionally, she visited and oversaw her care while she was in the hospice center – even being present when she took her last breath.

Care like this is so seldom found. How grateful I am for her help!"

"I don’t like women doctors, I never did, but I like mine very much. She is the greatest! When I first went to see Dr. Faraday at GBMC, I felt very comfortable and liked her right away. I thought I had found my internist for life. Much to my dismay, Dr. Faraday found it necessary to leave GBMC and start a concierge practice. I decided at that time to try to find another doctor like Dr. Faraday. I never did because, in my opinion, that doctor doesn’t exist.

A few months later, I woke up feeling very bad. In two days I was going to leave for a trip with my daughter; I couldn’t get sick at that time. I tried to contact several doctors to no avail; everyone was too busy to see me. Then I thought of Dr. Faraday – she would help me. I called her office and spoke with Kathy Affayroux, her wonderful and pleasant secretary and administrative assistant. I explained my situation to her and in a few minutes she transferred me to Dr. Faraday. I told her I still was not in a position to join her practice but I was willing to pay whatever she charged for one visit. She told me to come to her office right away. After a thorough examination she told me I didn’t have to worry, that I didn’t have a bacterial infection and didn’t need antibiotics, that I had a viral infection, and she gave me the direction of what I needed to do.

Seeing Dr. Faraday again, giving me the time I needed without rushing me out of her office, I felt calm and safe. Before she left the room I told her that she was worth every penny. I was going to pay for the concierge practice and I wanted to join immediately. So I did and it has been a wonderful experience. When I go to the office, Kathy and Dr. Faraday make you feel like you are the most important person – for them you are and they treat you like it.

The first year I went seven times, including the visit for the yearly physical. This year, the second in this set up, I have gone to her office once or twice and spoke with her on the phone several times. I don’t see this as I am losing money this year. I thank God I have been healthier and don’t need her services that often. I see it like having an automobile insurance policy. You pay the premium but hope you don’t have an accident! If I need her she is there for me without any delays. I hope I will stay healthy, but if I don’t, I feel very secure being part of this new set up.

I get not only the medical assistance I need, but I get lots of laughs. I feel so good when I leave her office that I jokingly say I need to go to her office once a week!

I highly recommend Dr. Alexa Faraday and the concierge practice she now has."
OE, retired from McCormick & Co.

Dr. Alexa Faraday has been our primary care physician for many years and we consider ourselves fortunate to be under her care. She is always there for us when needed with her expertise in medicine and concern for our health.

Most importantly, we feel that she truly cares about our physical and emotional well-being. She is not only our beloved physician, but we consider her our friend as well. When we were unable to come to her office, she came to our home. What better care could anyone ask for? The answer is none.

Our world is a better place because of Dr. Faraday and we are so thankful to be under her care."
CB and EB